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Josiah Matthew Duggar
First appearance 14 Children and Pregnant Again
Sign Virgo
Number 8
Gender male
Nationality American
Born August 28, 1996 (age 17
Occupation Student
Parents Jim Bob Duggar

Michelle Duggar

Siblings nine brothers
nine sisters
Josiah Matthew Duggar is the son of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, and is seen on 18 Kids and Counting, and other documentaries about the supersize Duggar family of Arkansas. He is the 8th child in the family and the 4th born son.


  • Favorite Bible Passage: James 1
  • Favorite Bible Character: Elisha
  • Favorite Song: It Is Well With My Soul
  • Favorite Episode: Star Spangled Duggars
  • Chores: Cleans all 9 Bathrooms weekly!
  • Favorite School Subject: Math
  • Favorite Food: Lasagne
  • Uh-Oh: Josiah is the first Duggar kid to have broken a major bone! He broke his arm at 7 years old while climbing a tree in his cowboy boots!
  • Favorite Past-time: Hanging out with Josh at the car lot
  • Favorite Family Trip: Washington D.C.
  • Future Plans: Finish High School, learn more Spanish, work for Josh


  • has a plethora  of energy
  • enjoys talking
  • is a people person



  • Josiah with James and Mom
  • Josiah and Josie
  • Josiah and Mackznie
  • Josiah and James
  • Jessa and Mackznie, Josiah and Josie
  • Josiah holding Micheal
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