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Jordyn Grace Makiya Duggar
First appearance And Baby Makes 18
Sign Sagittarius
Number 18
Gender Female
Nationality American
Born December 18, 2008 (5 years old)
Occupation Toddler
Parents Jim Bob Duggar
Michelle Duggar
Siblings ten brothers
eight sisters
Jordyn-Grace Duggar is the 18th Duggar to be born from Michelle and Jim-Bob. She is also the 8th daughter to be born. She is also the only Duggar with three names.


  • Favorite Bible Story: Noah and the Ark
  • Favorite Song: Jesus Loves Me
  • Favorite Episode: When Big Families Collide
  • Jurisdiction: Loves to ride in the wagon while brothers and sisters put stuff away
  • Favorite Learning Time: Monki See Monki Doo flashcards
  • Favorite Snack Food: Cheese
  • Favorite Animal: Kitty Cat
  • Favorite Past-time: Play dolls with sisters and neice
  • Fun Facts:Jordyn-Grace is the only Duggar with 4 names!
  • fun facts: she is the 18th child and born dec.18


Favorite Sibiling: Josiah

Favorite Song: Jesus Loves Me

Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games

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