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Jessa shall eat only for 21 hours every day will living with members from in order to reach her wedding weigh gaining goal with her engagement to Eldon S.Kozaks;the wedding weight goal is 377 to 485 pounds.She shall be over feeding in 21 hours with this gain weight menu in order: Breakfast to gain 3.5 pounds;Breakfast snack to gain 3.3.pounds;Lunch to gain 3 pounds,Afternoon snacks to gain 3.3 pounds; Dinner to gain 18 pounds;Desserts to gain 3.7 pounds, & midnight snacks to gain 4.7 pounds;plus no drinking water,no eating helthy foods,& no moving around untl July 2018.Only sleep for 15 to 20 minutes a day the rest of time not moving around like fat elephant bride;& only shower one full hour by making your skin turns dark red at 120 degrees;then 30 minutes to get dress every day.The last minutes is to drink 100 ounces of these soda pop ,before breakfast or any family meals, with no ice,only Dr.Pepper,Pepsi,& Coke;between snackes time with 5 gallons of chocolate milk before bedtime or 2 gallons of milk or apple juice.

Jessa shall never exercise again only through her husband rewards in blue lake,california.

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