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Age: 25

Anna Duggar

Younger Anna

Anna duggar phot

Gender Female
Nationality America
Born 23 June 1988
Parents Mike Keller
Suzette Keller
Siblings Esther Keller
Rebekah Keller
Daniel Keller
Priscilla Keller
Susanna Keller
Nathen Keller
David Keller
Spouse Joshua Duggar
Children Mackynzie Duggar
Michael Duggar
Marcus Duggar
Anna Duggar married Joshua Duggar on the 26th September 2008. She has 3 children Mackynzie DuggarMichael Duggar and Marcus Duggar. She has a very high fear of hights and she's had 2 homebirths and 1 hospital birth.

Anna DuggarEdit

Anna Duggar had a big family, along with the original Duggars. Her wedding was seen in the epsiode: A Very Duggar Wedding Anna Duggar is very caring and she also knows how to calm children down, she hates amusement rides, especially spinning wheels.

Anna duggar has 3 beautiful children :)

Gerneral InfomationEdit

Birthdate: June 23, 1988

Married: September 26, 2008

Favorite Bible Verse: Matt 6:33

Favorite Bible Story: The Story of Ruth

Favorite Song: Satisfied

Favorite Episode: A Very Duggar Wedding

Occupation: Wife & Mom

Favorite Food: Thai Food

Fun Fact: Anna is the 5th born in a family of 8.

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